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Sat, Aug. 6th, 2005, 12:20 am
randomnumbers: JULY 27th:::: ADIOS MUTHER FUCKER :P*****()

horrid horrid drinks to have at the end of an evening full of liquor. AMF. I don't even remember all that happened because of that damned drink. Red Cap Garage some pool a dead nazi and a couple pitchers--- Embers a red headed slut a pitcher and loud music on the "goth" night(wednesday), a few more bars i cant remember and a few more shots and pitchers, back to embers to get tossed on stage, outed as turning 21 that day. The woman on the stage asks, " straight, bi, gay, unspecified?"
I answer slurring noticeably... "I'm gay as fuck"

Then to Kelley's to be finished off by an appropriately named drink.


I don't remember much after that, I remember the window of my friend's car being child-safe and me having to open the door to expell some of what I've taken in, hopes of gaining some semblance of sobriety fading with my coherency. Apparently I was trying to open the door even on the freeway at speeds of 65+, I ooooooooze out of the car when we get home and onto a road grate in the parking lot, and after that what i know is what i'm told. I spit and cursed and flipped the bird, passed out on the toilet whilst pissing, stood up and proclaimed "fuckit" while wiping with some poor roommate's towel. I also apparently was groped by my girlfriend.... I don't know.... She must've thought it was the only way to touch me... being passed out probably seeming preferable to my incoherent spitting and cursing whilst conscious.

since then... i've eased back on the drinking

we have to keep some balance here.